1.How to renew business registration?
 - Application for the renewal of a business shall be made at any time before the expiry date up to twelve 12 months after the expiry date at the SSM branch counter or our website
 - Renewal of Business Registration can be made for a period of 1 year and not more than 5 years.
 - Business renewal cannot be made for a business expired more than 1 year.
2.What are the services offered ?
 Business renewal: Renewal period prior or within 12 months after expired date.
3.How to renew my business registration thru ?
 Please provide your ROB number and company name in Renewal Form or WhatsApp to 011-59472512, we will assist you immediatly for renewal guide.
4.How much is the SSM Renewal fees?
 Personal Name = RM30.00 per year
 Trade Name = RM60.00 per year
 Branch(s) = RM5 per year for each branch
 Business info = RM10.00
 Penalty expired = RM20 - RM120 (1 - 11 months late)
 (Expired 1 day consider 1 month. exp 32 day = expired 2 month)
5.How much our Service Charge? (Runner fee / Processing fee)
 - Standard Service: Based on number of years you want to renew (RM35 for 1 year - RM55 for 5 years)​ / business SSM
1 YearRM 35
2 YearsRM 40
3 YearsRM 45
4 YearsRM 50
5 YearsRM 55
 - Express Service: RM70 (Regardless how many years you want to renew) / business SSM
6.When Business Registration Certificate can be obtained?
 Within 24 hours (Standard Service) / 1 hour (Express Service) after verify payment, you will receive email with your SSM document and Receipt in PDF format. Kindly provide your name, address and email address.
7.My SSM has been Overdue/Expired month than 12 months.
 Those who expired more then 12 months. Kindly visit your nearest SSM counter to renew.
8.What is the mode of payment?
 Online banking (Instant Transfer), Malaysia National QR, Touch'N Go e-Wallet & Paypal
 (Noted: IBG Transfer will not be accepted. Using Paypal will be charge extra 10% on top of the total amount.)
9.What is business bank account?
Bank : CIMB
Account No : 8009372128
 Customer service 011-59472512 Whatsapp

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